Martina is a source of incredible knowledge of health and wellness and always willing to share that knowledge to enhance my health and well-being. Several important additions were added to my daily intake of vitamins and nutrition. I was given invaluable advice on how to improve my immune system. I was given recommendations for lab work that proved extremely beneficial and alleviated a lot of my anxiety. Your calmness and spirituality make the delivery of your advice even more valuable. Long term has been a healthier body, mind, gut, and spirit  If you need help then Martina can provide the guidance you need”. P Campbell. April 2021

“I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes 4 years ago. Since then, I struggled with my weight. I am 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighed 167 pounds. I tried going to a nutritionist that did not work. Then on December 8, 2011, I started the Healthy Explosion, understanding your body program. The program is helping me to lose the weight by teaching me how to eat the right way such as not combining certain foods. I started dropping the weight immediately. It is a miracle. I lost 3 inches off my waist and weigh 145 pounds in 27 days. My blood sugar levels have been perfect so much so that I have not taken diabetic medication in the last two weeks. This is my testimony of the benefits of the Healthy Explosion program. Stay tune as I share the restoration of my body through this awesome program”. J Shelton, January 2012

Testimonial Update: Since beginning the Healthy Explosion on December 8, 2011, my blood sugar levels have normalized and I am happy to report that there is no need for medication. My blood pressure is normal. I have lost a total of 28 pounds, my energy level is awesome, and I look and feel 15 years younger. J Shelton, July 2012

Martina Desgouttes has a passion for nutrition and wellness which is highly remarkable. The class I took "Understanding your Body” was full of great information; I learned how to combine different foods together. I also did a food journal and Martina was able to provide feedback which helped me to understand what to eat to prevent headaches.  I highly would recommend Martina to anyone who wants to improve their health.  She has also helped a patient who was having low energy. The information she gives is thorough and detailed. Whatever your health or nutrition goals I would recommend any class because her holistic approach has helped me”.                     C  Taylor, July 2014.

"Best part of the class was all the new information like adrenal gland health, food combining, and going over food labels. I found the class to be very beneficial. Favorite topic areas are sprouting, glycemic index, and enzymes. More aware of what I eat since taking this class. I recommend this class". D. Allen, 2011  

The “Understanding your body” class was informative and fun. Very beneficial in understanding my body. Favorite topics are food combining and reflexology. I recommend this class. A. Giles, 2011 
Best part of the class was Martina’s passion about being healthy. This program is in her sphere of influence, in other words she is anointed to teach this class. I found the class to be very beneficial in understanding my body. Favorite topic areas are food combining, brain, and digestion. I lost weight and would definitely recommend this class. J. Marshall,  October 2011

“Ms Desgouttes has been on a healing journey of body, mind, and spirit for many years. When she first walked into my office as a patient, I could sense her passion for health and wellness as she told her story of overcoming a lifetime of health related issues. I was especially impressed with her knowledge of diet and how she lost over 75 pounds by eating life-sustaining foods. I also discovered her passion for life. I have seen remarkable changes in her health as a result of her dedication to understanding the natural laws of diet, health and the human body”. Dr. Jarrad Wise,  2006 

"Best part of class was the interactive learning environment. Favorite topic areas from the class are food combining, alkaline foods, and glycemic index. Overall changes experiences during the course was weight loss due to increased water intake and better eating habits. I recommend this class. Great class! Very informative. Wished it was longer. S. Giles. 2011
  I took Martina’s online training module as an individual attendee, though it is well suited to corporate prevention education. The course provided a wealth of information about the body’s processing of nutrients and the effects of certain foods to optimize performance of key organs, for example the brain. It was well worth it! I liked the fact that I could attend the class from my desk while still being able to ask questions and give feedback in real time. The class content was also structured for a range of learning levels. I would definitely recommend it. D Baxam, 2011 

 “I was pleased to feature Martina on the TBN community affairs show Joy in Our Town. Her knowledge on healthy eating and weight loss generated many telephone calls. I found her information to be quite valuable and her presentation timely. Her personal testimonials combined with her knowledge on the subject made her a delight to interview. I wish her the best as she continues to educate the community, the nation and the world”. R Miller. Atlanta GA. 2011 

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